A tale of two Ginnys:
Ginny and Ginny met in a dark alley one night. They fought robots from hell. It was awesome.

Now, they read the books that have been banned, contested, or are just generally looked down upon due to their content and post their reviews here. So get ready to clutch your pearls, the Banned Bitches are on the loose.

(Examples of controversial content includes: Graphic descriptions of or allusions to sex, drug use, and alcohol use; any book with a shirtless dude on the cover)

Ginny Doremus: Ginny is an introverted bookworm (possibly a redundant statement) who has a history of getting into trouble over spending her money on books instead of other “essentials” (i.e. food, gas, bills… psh).

When not reading, she’s often reading something else, singing, watching a good show or movie, or spending time with her insane-but-loveable family.

She is A.D.D. and squirrel.

Ginny ButtonGinny Lurcock: Ginny Lurcock is an avid reader who spends far too much time submersing herself in fantasy worlds. She’s a fangirl, feminist, and queer who supports diversity in all forms of media, especially the #OwnVoices movement.

Ginny lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Phineas, their child, Genevieve, and their cat, Shadow. None of them support her reading addiction.

When not reading, you can find Ginny on Twitter.

Our review format:

bookcover Then we include the synopsis of the book. That thing that all authors absolutely loathe writing. They had to work hard to get these few words down so that you’d be encouraged to read the book, so help me God we’re going to share that hard work with you.

Some text might be in italics.

Other text might be in bold.

We’re going to do our best to keep the source formatting, but sometimes WordPress is a dick.

The Meta Details:
Source: Where the reviewer got their copy
Format: The format they read the book in
Length: …the length
Publication date: the date the book was (or will be) published
Genre: any genre tags we feel appropriate
Content Level: MG, YA, NA, Adult
Controversial Content: Anything that makes someone clutch their pearls. From wizards to uncomfortable truths about our society to just plain ole smutty romance.
Trigger Warnings: because respecting people’s triggers are important
Featuring: relationships, main characters, unique and wonderful things found in the story.

Recommended for: who we think would enjoy this book
Rating: Our rating (see rating system below)

Reviewer’s Thoughts: The actual review. The whole point of this post. Hopefully, it’s entertaining and insightful. If Lurcock wrote it in the wee hours of the morning, though, it’s probably just profane.

If we received a review copy, we are bound by the reviewer’s code to mention that here.

Goodreads Links: Because reading is best when shared when friends and I can’t keep track of things without lists…

The Banned Bitches Rating System:
This was garbage (and here’s why)
This wasn’t for me
This was okay, not great but okay
This was great
This was amazing and you have to read it